Dermaglo Ink - Important Information.

Pigments are found in most items that are coloured, such as printing inks, cosmetics and numerous other products. As you are aware there are NO PIGMENTS approved by the FDA, or any other government agency, as tattooing inks. Therefore no manufacturer or supplier of these products can guarantee any colour for that purpose.

Our brand of colours that we distribute have been used in the tattoo industry for many years without any serious side effects. As you should know as a professional tattoo artist, some people will have an allergic reaction to many different products not just tattooing pigments. Therefore it is the responsibility of the artist/studio to make the prospective clients aware of the possibility of an allergic reaction to pigments and must discourage any person who suffers from ANY type of allergic sensitivity from having tattoo work done, or test the pigment with a prick test 24 hours prior to applying the tattoo.

Although most of the pigments in the colours we distribute have been used for over half a century, we can not endorse the colours as the manufacturer and distributor, DERMAGLO UK LTD can not assume responsibility for how they are used after they leave our hands.

For all technical information please see Dermaglo's information here