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Tattoo Pen

Tattoo Pen Refill - 1.6mm Refill - Bag of 10

Tattoo Pen Refill - 1.6mm Refill - Bag of 10

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The ORIGINAL Tattoo Pen Refills. Comes in your choice of RED, PURPLE, GREEN, BLUE, BLACK, ORANGE or PINK. This pen is made for writing on skin pre-tattoo. If you have ever struggled with pens in the past, with problems such as clogging, disappearing while tattooing, or vague and inconsistent lines, then you will LOVE the Tattoo Pen. It is a solid brass housing holding a 1.6mm ball point and carrying the best ink money can buy. They are the best quality of pens available for drawing a stencil on skin, but cheap enough to be single use and disposable for health standards and sterility.

It was created, tested, and now provided by a tattooer for tattooers, and it is the only tattoo pen that is MADE IN THE USA. There is absolutely no substitute for the Tattoo Pen.

Bag of 10.


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